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Jałta - tłumaczenie na język angielski.

Zapraszam do komentowania tłumaczenia 'Jałty', które popełniłem w tym roku. Starałem się zachować rytm oryginału tak, aby dało się poniższe zaśpiewać.

Paweł Stolarski

Yalta - Jacek Kaczmarski

Bright new residence of Tsars,
Service know their duties well,
All Tatars were smoothly deported
From court of sentence for the world.

Windows foresee and walls hear
As Lion coughs by his cigar,
How creak the wheels of a chair
With crippled Democrat afar.

However no-one sees or hears
Highlander deeds that Crimean night,
His gesture fills all brave comrades
With well-known legendary might.

Do not condemn comrade Stalin,
He was not one behind it all,
Obviously he could not have planned that
Roosevelt in Yalta is so small.

When triumvirate worked together
On historical shape of world,
Only one person acted Caesar,
Meaning of Yalta for us all.

Last bit of cigar gives pale light,
Lion of Albion hides his face:
Please do not talk about Baltic
Why Europe needs so many states ?

Poles? The only thing about them
Is finally find some place to live ...
Always some trouble with that Poland,
Cripple trembles impatiently.

But the host calms everybody
Patting fair moustache with a twist:
My state will offer helping hand,
Later they govern as they wish.

Do not condemn minister Churchill,
He was not one behind it all,
Thus triumvirate's only goal was
For Stalin to receive his dole.

One who robustly worships peace
Will always back from brutal role -
Only the one, who dares to fight, wins -
Meaning of Yalta for us all.

Lion to Cripple softly whispers,
Walls of the palace pay attention:
Stalin honestly cares for Soviets
I do believe his clear intention.

Cripple corroborates this vision,
Relentless democratic guardian,
Stalin is epochal persona
He's the leader, he's The One !

Alliance of great is not a plot,
It is a world's new order they toss,
In which the weak also survive
And does receive fair share of ... loss.

Do not condemn President Roosevelt,
Just realize amount of stress.
Pipe, smoke of cigars, bottle, and
Churchill who scorned alliances.

Three empires therefore debated
Over the borders cleared to null.
Meanwhile in details sat Beria
Meaning of Yalta for us all.

Then delegations flew out
From town of Tsars muted in mist.
While in the West cannons thundered
Transports of people were sent East.

Free world celebrated triumphs,
Most of the frontlines vanished away,
President's tomb covered with flowers
And there another transport day.

Red dawn awakes from a night,
Churchill is gone by voters' orders,
And there living souls transported
Towards their camps of vile murders.

Do not regret Trinity's verdict,
Course of history held its reign,
Elaborated in every detail,
They all protected own domain.

Might have erred, misled by moment,
Was neither Balt nor a Pole ...
Only the victims never blunder,
Meaning of Yalta for us all !
A jest jakieś nagranie ilustrujące tę wersję?
Niestety póki co nie, gdyż talentu muzycznego nie posiadam, ale również mam nadzieję że znajdą się osoby, które wykorzystają powyższe w praktyce.
Tłumacz więcej na język barbarzyńców, trzeba nieść kaganek kultury... :)
"Wszyscyśmy z płócien
To tylko kwestia
Światła ; "

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