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RE: Kapitan Nemo - tłumaczenie
Christmas Eve in Syberia
Jacek Kaczmarski
translated by Patrycja Kaczmarska


In freezing silence the samovar hissed
a drop I pour into glasses
without a word on the christmas table
The exiled Poles remembering
dampness frosted on the walls,
tablecloth is lined with straw,
smoking, the dark flame of the candle calls,
with one word - just like before

"I hear music and angelic arias from above
praising our father that the manger we all have reached
the mind does not want to believe, perhaps the eye not be deceived
that dreams have not been breached"...

There wont just be a star in the night sky
mushrooms in the christmas stew
An iron knife by the rye bread ready lies,
sugar fairly shared on paper
I offer a plate, so that it stays safe
that which makes life so much sweeter
Another hides in emptiness of his,
Our God will be born tomorrow

"God of eternal praise is already born
handcuffs of slavery off his people's hands he has torn
Sing happily world and in eternal praise bow thee down to him
For it has passed what will at last fill our worried hearts with happiness"...

No, we are not poor and melancholy,
this handkerchief is for my cold
we'll not serve poppy dumplings or kutia
there will be tea and bread loaves
I sit alone, and cannot stay alone
looking at what my life has meant
we are together - what else is left?
Tomorrow the savior will come

"Lulay now baby Jesus, my little pearl drop
Lulay my favourite little ray of God's hope,
Lulay now baby, and lulay now calmly
and you our Mama dear keep him there warmly"...

Let there now be enough candles for night
We've a long wait for him to come,
so that every year we wish in the morn
pray for the very same thing
He'll be born again, die in agony
the candle will burn out again,
in the darkness his name the harmony
We will swear in his holy name.



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